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  • Thu, January 28, 2021
  • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

From our sister chapter:

AITP Los Angeles Event



When unwelcomed change, conflicting priorities, and emotions are the norm, chances are better than good that you are experiencing task overload and increased stress. This webinar will demystify unwelcomed change, align task management with purposeful planning, and explore a practical decision-making model. When it’s just too much, a webinar like this comes along to save the day.

• Ways to manage tasks purposefully, and a brief exploration how busy-ness impacts productivity
• Demystify unwelcomed change, and reveal the correlation between emotions and conflicting priorities
• Practical risk responses and time management tools to elevate from task manager to vision master

• Activity 1 thru 3: Write out today’s, this week's, this month’s most important tasks
• Activity 4: Prioritize a set of tasks based on a sample scenario
• Activity 5: Use sort filters to organize tasks based on the level of urgency
Note: All exercises are optional, and designed so that participants will gain knowledge (and be able to follow along) even if they choose not to participate in the exercises.

Zoom Registration Required

Event Schedule (Pacific)
5:30 Networking
6:00 Presentation
8:00 Sign Off


Mishirika Scott is a Project Management Professional (CAPM® and PMP® from PMI)
with 7+ years of demonstrated proficiency in managing projects that support student
success. She is currently the Student Success Systems Project Manager at Cal State
University, Los Angeles where she leads the campus-wide adoption and rollout of EAB
Navigate, a $1.2M-$4M technology-based student success management system that
impacts 24K+ stakeholders. She earned her graduate degree in Project Management
from DeVry University, and a people-centered bachelor’s degree from University of
Southern California, while participating as a research scholar in the book publication,
“Connecting Social Problems and Popular Culture: Why Media is not the Answer.”
Mishirika is a familiar face and active member of Project Management Institute, Los
Angeles Chapter. She has prior experience in teaching, curriculum development, sales,
and auditing. Mishirika is on a personal mission to put the ‘Leader Back into Leadership’
and disrupt mediocrity in the process. She attributes her greatest career impact as the
purpose work she does in teaching young emerging professionals.

As a woman of color who grew up in South Central Los Angeles during the peak of
gang violence, the crack epidemic, and moments of heart-wrenching civil disturbance,
such as the Rodney King riots, she understands that there are no cookie-cutter pathways to
success. She delivers a message that is culturally aware, interpersonal, practical, and
includes a step-wise approach to project management tools for business and everyday

• CAPM® and PMP® certified (through PMI)
• Adult Education Project Management Instructor for LACI
• Teaching Certification through CA Commission on Teaching Credentials
• Featured Speaker for PMI-LA Chapter and PMI-OVOC Chapter, “Task Overload!
When It’s Just Too Much”
• Panelist for Minds Matter Los Angeles, “Careers in Project Management”

It’s great to connect with other shakers and movers: www.linkedin.com/in/mishirikascott/

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